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How to downgrade VSCode extension


Today, I encountered an issue with the popular AI extension, Codeium. Fortunately, the team quickly resolved the problem, but yesterday I had to rollback to an older version to fix the issue on my side. If you need to downgrade any extension to an older version, here are two ways to downgrade a VSCode extension:

Method 1: Using VSCode (the easiest way)

  1. Open VSCode and click on the Extensions tab, or press CTRL+SHIFT+X (Windows) or CMD+SHIFT+X (Mac) to search for extensions.
VSCode Marketplace webpage
  1. Type the extension name, right-click on the plugin name, and select Install Another Version.
VSCode Marketplace webpage
  1. A list of versions will appear. Select the desired version and click on it to Install.
VSCode Marketplace webpage

Method 2: Using a .vsix file from the VSCode Marketplace

  1. Visit the extension's page on the VSCode Marketplace, navigate to the Version History section, and download the .vsix file to your computer.
VSCode Marketplace webpage
  1. After downloading the .vsix file, open VSCode and press CTRL+SHIFT+P (Windows) or CMD+SHIFT+P (Mac). In the command line, type vsix and select the option to install from the downloaded file.
VSCode Command Line
  1. Install the .vsix file.
Window finding files on Windows
  1. Restart VSCode: Open the Command Palette with CTRL+ALT+R (Windows) or CMD+ALT+R (Mac), type Reload Window, and select Developer: Reload Window.

Voilà! Downgrading a VSCode extension is pretty straightforward with these methods. I hope this helps you out next time you run into any issues or needs to downgrade an extension.